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Powai has a new place to chill and this time it’s for the people looking for Dhaba style Punjabi Food. The Team behind the very famous dining and catering powerhouse “mini Punjab” has recently launched this Dhaba style Indian dining resto bar at their JVLR outlet in Powai called “Turban Tales”. While they are already known for their top notch Punjabi food their new restaurant focuses on serving small plates and cocktails that give a very modern Dhaba feel whilst retaining their original flavours.


Thought Behind Turban Tales

With Punjabi food being our Forte it was time for us to bring a new theme based restaurant and that’s when Turban tales struck our mind. We pride ourselves for Punjabi food and that’s why we planned to open a place that resonates the theme of a Punjabi dhaba. The ethos here is to create a dhaba themed restaurant which caters to small plates of Punjabi food with fusion cocktails whilst being very pocket friendly. None of the dishes here go above rs 300 said one of the co-owners on a quick chat with him around how the concept came to fruition.


Dhaba Style Decor

The ambience at Turban Tales is done up to give a completely unique highway Dhaba type of an experience. There are seats made of cots with different coloured cushions. There are horns on every table which you can blow to call the staff. There are painted pots, cots, overturned buckets suspended from the ceiling, tables laid on tractor engines and stools made of kadhais. A very brightly lit up place as the sun starts to set. Full marks to the team for their creativity here

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Top Dishes We Loved

The Food at Turban tales holds true to its Punjabi origin with the menu being completely north indian with few twists here and there. We had a number of dishes here from the veg and non-vegetarian section of the menu and they were all top notch stuff. Here are some of our favourites from Turban Tales


Chicken Tikka Supreme

In my opinion this is certainly one of their best dishes in the menu for chicken lovers. It consists of chicken tikka marinated with their in house masala and grilled to perfection with a cheesy centre. The cheese is just about right and doesn’t over power the dish.

Chicken Tikka Supreme

Lamb Galouti Sheermal

The Lamb Galouti on Sheermal is another dish that does exceedingly well. The Galouti kababs were super soft and had the right amount of spice in it’s marinate. It was served on a small sheermal roti topped with some mint chutney. The sweetness of the roti balanced with the spiciness of the Galouti really well. One of the few places in town that serve you a good Galouti under Rs 300


Reshmi Soya Chaamp

A vegetarian mock meat starter made out of Soya but it’s done so well it almost makes you feel like you’re eating fish. Served on a bed of their signature chutney it is one of the must have vegetarian dishes from the menu. Not many places can do a mock meat well but the team at TT would definitely be happy with the final product


Pulled Chicken Tikka Quesadillas

A dish which got the modern makeover. Here the traditional filling in the quesadilla is replaced with an Indian style pulled chicken tikka mixed with bell  peppers and butter which makes this version a very Punjabi style Quesadilla. Served with a tangy sauce. This one is another dish we loved to have and is available in both veg and non veg versions

Veg or Chicken Quesadilla

Mummy Di Dal

One of our favourite dishes in Turban tales is the Mummy Di Dal served with parathas. It’s the way this dal is made and tampered witch spices which gives it a very homely dal feel. The butter and coriander garnish on the dal adds to its taste quotient. The Dal is not sweet as the usual dal makhani’s served in some top restaurants and is very balanced with the right amount of Spice.

Mummy di Daal

Mutton Chawl

We are very selective when it comes to having mutton but the Mutton Choul made here had to get a mention. The Rice in this dish is mixed with soft and succulent mutton pieces, their in house spices and some chillies. A very simple and extremely light dish from the onset but very high on the flavour quotient with the Spiciness of the rice combined with the Smoky mutton.


Paan Ice Cream w/ Apple Muraba

A dessert which is definitely made especially for the Paan lovers. Consisting of an actual Paan sans the tobacco mixed with their in house ice cream and served with Apple Muraba. This dessert is for the people who like bold flavours of paan and we were one of them. One of the desserts we love and absolutely recommend you to try


Final Verdict

There were a number of other dishes we tried and loved that are not part of the list above like the Chicken Tikka Masala, The Sarson ka Saag Tartlet, The Jalebi rabri, The Chicken Biryani, The Rajma Chawal & The Fish Koliwada. They were all top notch dishes too. Shoutout to the team at Turban Tales for dishing out top quality food that is very affordable on the pocket. We highly recommend you to try it out and would love to know your thoughts


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