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Team Behind Royal China

South Mumbai this year has been the hotspot for Asian dining restaurants. With the release of a popular modern Asian dining place Papaya earlier this year we now see the launch of an oriental dining restaurant brought to us by the team behind Royal China. This new place is called Jia. Whilst royal china serves authentic Cantonese cuisine Jia expands further into the flavours of the orient by adding in more Asian elements like Thai, Japanese, etc over and above the usual Chinese. It has a very elaborate menu with a lot of focus on vegetarian dishes over and above non veg. In fact there is an entire menu planned just for the veg purists.



As you enter the place you can see the hard work that has gone behind the entire planning and setup of the restaurant by the hospitality team. The restaurant is situated at Dhanraj mahal which is one of the ancient heritages of Mumbai. The entire place has been given a very modern and elegant setup from an interiors perspective. The place has 2 levels of dining and is very spacious on both the levels perfect for family outings. Its interiors are classy white with a white dome like ceiling, Very sassy marble flooring with polished furniture and a decked up table with dim yellow lighting. Full marks to the ambience here

Interiors - Jia The Oriental Kitchen

All Things Asian

The food as mentioned above is a mix of all things oriental from Chinese, Japanese, and Thai etc. They use very top quality imported ingredients for most of their dishes which make the food high on quality but also high on pricing.

Dimsum lovers can indulge on a wide array of dimsums as they have a dedicated page of dimsums available for veg, meat and seafood lovers. This is one place where the dimsums will absolutely never disappoint you as the brand itself specializes in many varieties of lip smacking dimsums.

Veg Edamame & Truffle Dimsum

We had the Veg Edamame and Truffle Dimsum which consisted of a mash of edamame beans with a hint of truffle within a soft wrapper served with their trio of dimsum sauce. One of their bestselling dimsum in veg and the combination of edamame mash with truffle proved why that was the case.


Prawn Hargao with Truffle

The prawn Hargao with truffle was another dimsum that we tried from the dimsums section. A juicy prawn filling mixed with mild undertones of truffle wrapped in a translucent sheet instantly made us fall in love with this dimsum. The star of this dish was the freshness of the ingredients used in the filling.


Lobster Roll in Black pepper Sauce

They also serve a mean Lobster roll in black pepper sauce in which there is a nice mix of lobster wrapped within a slightly thicker sheet topped and dipped with some of their in house black pepper sauce. Their peppery sauce with very finely chopped pepper pieces intertwined with the lobster meat in a flurry of juicy and moderately spiced bites


Jia Special Sushi

Whilst Royal China is known for its dimsums the team at Jia has focused a lot on providing high quality sushi’s with ingredients imported from Japan. They have a sushi for every palette and have meticulously designed their sushi menu with that purpose. We tried the Jia special Sushi which was definitely one of the better sushi’s I have had in town. Consisting of urumaki rolls mixed with tempura fried prawns and topped with their house sauce mix, avocado slices and tempura fried crumbs was a stellar sushi. This sushi is best for the people who don’t like having cured meat and like cooked meat in their sushi


Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Thai Chilli Sauce

Soft shell crabs tempura batter fried and served with some Thai chilli sauce. A dish for the ardent fans of sweet and spicy sauces. The crab in this dish is batter fried with its shell itself and you wouldn’t even know that when you have It because of the quality of soft shell crab used. I for one thought that the dish could use of some more sauce as it felt very dry at times where the crab wasn’t laced with any sauce


Crispy Prawns with Burnt Garlic and Almond Flakes

The guys at jia have definitely proven their skill in making crispy fried dishes well and this dish is no exception to that rule. At first I thought this dish would be a dud but instead this dish was one of the highlights of our meal here. This dish showed how fresh crispy fried prawns can go so well with something as simple as burnt garlic and almond flakes.


Teriyaki Chicken

One of the best teriyaki chicken in town Period. The texture of the chicken and the way it was tossed with the sauce and veggies just showed how a simple dish can be served in such a tasteful manner. Teriyaki chicken is for people who like having a tad sweeter form of chicken but the guys here balanced it so well that you would hardly find the dish sweet. Full marks to the teriyaki served here and a must have as well


Steam Chilean Sea Bass with King Soya & Home Made Chilli Sauce

The Chilean sea bass is a dish that you absolutely must have in the mains section when visiting Jia. One of the costlier dishes in the menu here but it is a very simple, light, fresh and high on flavour dish. This dish consists of a perfectly steamed sea bass served with a special homemade chilli sauce which is sweet and tangy in nature. The fish is also topped with some of the same sauce so that the meat sucks the flavour of the sauce and doesn’t taste very bland. It is a very light and very high on flavour dish. It went extremely well with the five treasure mushroom fried rice which is a dish that consists of jasmine rice made with 5 types of mushroom and mixed with truffle. One of the bestselling vegetarian rice preparation you get here. The rice is a bit on the stickier side due to the jasmine rice used but has a very intense flavour of truffle which is balanced really well with the sauce of the fish.



Though the food was completely outstanding the desserts made me feel like something more could have been done in this space. One of the surprises of our meal was a Tres Leches being served in dessert for an oriental restaurant!!! That’s Viva La Mexico in Asia, also The Tres leches wasn’t something which would make me go wow as it was fairly ordinary.


The Milk Chocolate praline on the other hand was definitely the better of the lot with an exterior made of dark chocolate that is filled with some sweet milk chocolate filling on the inside served with some in house vanilla ice cream and served with a cherry on top.


Final Verdict

Jia enters the sobo dining scene with a bang. It is there to last and houses some great dishes from across the orient. The dishes are high on flavour and presentation but are also a bit on the costlier side due to the nature of ingredients being used. The place is apt for dining options ranging from dinner dates to family dinners. A meal for two would hold you back by Rs 3k but that’s a small price you pay for the great food being served


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