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Degustibus Hospitality which is known for brands like Indigo, Indigo Deli and Neel has recently launched a new restaurant in Fun republic Andheri called D:OH!. D:oh is a restaurant which aims to cater to the casual dining segment in the city unlike the other fine dining restaurants launched by the brand with a focus on fun & food with friends. D:oh is an all-day diner where You can hang out with your friends anytime of the day for a drink or a bite while playing games like MAD, Monopoly, Uno etc.


The entire ambience for D:OH has been done to give it a very vibrant and energetic vibe to the place. Its bright, white interiors with blue and green furniture match their theme very well.


While there are tables for different types of groups one of the coolest things here is the presence of tables with swings on one side and regular seating on the other. Bright sunshine flowing in from the glass walls into the outlet also add make it a well-lit place for good photography.



From a servicing perspective D:oh has done something which not many restaurants in the city have been able to do and that’s make the restaurant a self-service restaurant. You can choose to order something from their menu or take a tray and choose to pick a drink (Anything From Booze, juices to chaas), dessert or a quick bite like a croissant, quiche etc from an open fridge and bill it over.


In case you order something to be freshly prepared from the kitchen you get a pager on your table which rings once your order is ready and you can just pick it up. The concept of self service has its set of pros and cons and is a widely debated topic within the restaurant industry but only time can give a definite answer for how this turns to be for the outlet here.


Food At D:oh

D:oh has a menu that’s crafted in a way to cater to all types of meals. Early mornings you can try and go for the power breakfast which is available only from 9am till 11:30am where you can get dishes like the Waffles, French toasts and eggs prepped in different styles with side dishes like Hashbrown, bacons etc

In case your not the type who likes breakfast you can choose to order from a menu which has a variety of dishes from different cuisines. There is a dedicated section for freakshakes where you have different types of freak shakes for the people who like to go down in 1 milk shake.


We tried the Freakin pretzels which consisted of nutella and pretzels and fell in love with the smooth nutella milk shake at the core of this freakshake.

Nutella & Pretzel Freakshake

For chocolate lovers there is the Choco freak which is another must order here. If freakshakes are not your thing then you can also try going for the Adult shakes which are shakes consisting of booze specifically Wine or beer. If shakes are not your thing you can just go for the liquor from their liquor bar

In Food their menu comprises of Short Eats, Dumplings, Sandwiches, Salads, Burgers, Big bowls & Desserts. Each section comprises of selectively unique dishes with some specials that you can relate to with indigo deli but with little variations here and there. We tried some of the dishes and here is what we thought of them

Sesame Prawn & Scallion Dumpling

Our biggest surprise for the day was the Sesame Prawn & Scallion Dumpling. Consisting of a mix of prawn & Scallion filled within a thin wrapper which is then pan fried to make the wrapper slightly crisp served with 2 different dips. We loved the juicy dimsums and found it extremely value for money priced at Rs299 for 6 juicy morsels.

Sesame Prawn & Scallion Dumpling

BBQ Chicken Melt Sandwich

This sandwich is one of the best sandwiches that you can order here. A Pan toasted white Bread Filled with a killer mix of Smoky Chicken, Caramelized Onions & Cheddar mixed with their in house spicy BBQ Sauce not only looks amazingly Gooey but tastes really good too. It is one dish you they never go wrong with. Served with Fries I would recommend you to have the fries with their house dips. They have different types of house dips all so good especially the BBQ sauce, Cheese sauce & the southwest sauce

BBQ Chicken Melt Sandwich

Doh Detox

The Doh Detox consisted of mixed green veggies, Chicken mixed with a citrus mustard dressing. The salad true to its name has a crunchy, citrusy and pungent flavour (due to the mustard) to it. Everything was mixed well in right portions. However we feel there certainly are room for improvements that could have been done in this dish as I have had better Honey Mustard salads at Indigo Deli due to which there was an expectation I had in mind while ordering this salad

Doh Detox

Bombay Baida Roti

Bombay Baida roti is the D:OH take on the classic baida roti. Consisting of a paratha which is coated with a thin layer of egg and stuffed with a mix of chicken in indian spices it’s a dish that has the potential to be liked by the masses. The best thing about this dish was the texture of the paratha just rightly done with a coat of egg. The texture doesn’t overpower the flavours from the chicken.

Bombay baida Roti

Prawn 65

Andhra 65 reinvented by the team at D:oh is one of the hot selling dishes at D:OH. Available in Chicken, Mutton & Prawns this is a dish which cosists of an Andhra style 65 curry mixed with your choice of meat served with lemon rice. Good portion to fill 1 person up with a very nominal cost of Rs 379 makes it a very VFM dish here which is also the reason its one of the most ordered dish.

Prawn 65 At Rs 379

Chocolate Ice Cream

The chocolate ice cream here is a very similar one to the Super hit Belgium Dark Chocolate Truffle that is served at Indigo Deli with a few changes to accommodate the pricing. It is blindly the best dessert you can have here if you’re the fan of the original. The texture and the consistency of the cream is bang on and the flavours of the chocolate make each scoop as decadent as the original.

Chocolate Ice Cream Yoo

Whilst these were the dishes we had there were a number of other dishes that are also loved here but we couldn’t try them as we didn’t have innards of steel. These were the Pepper Mutton Stew, The Burmese Khaosuey, Sriracha Chicken Tenders, Wicked Fries with house dips and their house in house pastas so do give them a try as well if you get the chance.

Final Thoughts

D:oh is a place that you can visit anytime of the day for having a great time whilst being light on the pocket. Their food is great but there are room for opportunities in few areas on food which they can work on. Quality of self service is another thing which will depend basis the time of the day. I would definitely visit this place again for the amazing food and try some new dishes out

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