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Royal china has been brought to us by Team Royal china with Neville vasifdar at the helm. Royal China has already been well established as a paradise for dimsum lovers and for serving authentic Cantonese cuisine. One of the few places in town that serve Cantonese food the way it needs to be served with extremely high quality ingredients. Yes it is one of the few places in Mumbai that do not indianized Chinese food. They serve authentic Chinese food bearing in mind the constantly evolving and emerging trends and tastes from around the world combined with traditional and contemporary elements of Cantonese cuisine. Here the food is made for the authentic palette where the dishes are simple, subtle and where flavours are induced with the use of high quality ingredients and sauces. In addition to great food they also serve a wide range of fine wines

We recently got the opportunity to try out some of the best dishes from their extensive menu. This time we tried to give our meal a very balanced approach and try dishes from all sections of their menu instead of feasting on their dimsums. Here are some of the top dishes we loved from our meal there

Fried Prawn Cheung Fun

Royal China is one of the places that serves a really authentic Cheung fun with their house made soy sauce that adds the required punch & flavour to the dish. We tried the Crispy fried prawn’s version this time and loved it. The mix of prawns, ginger & spring onion green fried to a perfect crisp rolled in their signature pockets mixed with their in house soy sauce had all the elements of a perfectly delectable dimsum.


Seaweed Dumpling in Crabmeat Sauce

Mixed seafood steamed to perfection wrapped in seaweed pockets, topped with caviar and served on top of a light crabmeat sauce. The meat mix was so fresh that you wouldn’t feel any after taste of seafood. The Moisture & the inert flavour of the crabmeat sauce give the dish its primary flavours due to which you won’t need any additional sauce to enjoy this dimsum


Golden Fried Prawns

Prawns fried to a perfect crisp and served with their house special Coriander mint sauce. The fried prawns had no oily aftertaste and were crunchy and meaty from the inside. The Coriander mint sauce is like the Chinese version of the Indian chutney 🙂 . Absolutely loved it. If you prefer to have it a bit spicier then you can try their Chilli oil Sauce as well. Team Royal China has mastered its art of frying food


Crispy Aromatic Duck Served with Pancake, Spring Onion & Cucumber

A dish which is one of the specialities of royal china in the appetizers section. A dish which is strictly for the people who like having duck meat. This dish is duck haven for duck lovers. It’s the Chinese version of the fajita :). Consisting of a roasted duck served with veggies, pancake and plum sauce. This one dish is a meal in itself for 2 people.  The Duck is boiled and then roasted perfectly to a crisp. The crispiness of the dish can be seen by the glaze on the meat. If you find it a bit sweet you can balance it by adding some chilli sauce to the mix.


Steamed Garoupa with Ginger & Onions in Soy with Egg Fried Rice

One of the best main course that is served here especially for people who like having fresh fish. The steamed garoupa is big enough to serve 2 people in terms of portion size. The fish is steamed and topped with copious amount of greens, ginger and dipped in a bowl of their homemade sweet chilli soy sauce. The dish doesn’t need anything to complement it but we loved to have it with their egg fried rice. The fried rice here uses sticky rice and that makes it really special to have with this simple dish


Chicken Fried Soya Noodles Hong Kong Style with Chicken In Hot Bean Sauce

Noodle Lovers rejoice as this dish is paradise for noodle lovers. Noodles tossed in Soy with veggies and copious amount of meat. The sauces used for this dish make it saucy, crunchy and moderately spicy just the way Indians love having their noodles without making it too Indianized.


The noodles went really well with Chicken In Hot bean sauce where pan fried chicken is tossed in hot bean sauce with veggies and nuts. This dish is also moderately spicy and is perfect for spice lovers. There are occasional red chillies which can really burn you up if you don’t pay attention 🙂


Sticky Rice In Lotus Leaf With Chicken

A Very unique dish in the menu here. Consists of Sticky rice prepared with Chicken, shrooms, soy and wrapped in Lotus leaf which is then steamed. The resultant rice was amazingly good. One of the positives of this dish was the amazing flavour of the sauce which engulfed the rice and meat. This dish isn’t for the people who like having spicy rice though. Its more on the lines of authentic Cantonese. Usually called pot rice by the masses this was the royal china version of pot rice :).


We also had a number of other dishes and desserts but we feel these were the dishes that stood out in our meal there and definitely can be had in your visit there. Royal china is no doubt one of the best places in town for having an authentic Cantonese dining experience. It is definitely one of the places to dine for special occasions. A meal for two can set you up by Rs 3k but the cost is due to the imported ingredients used by the brand and that is evident with the quality of seafood used


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