Versova’s Hidden Gem – Jamjar Diner

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Jamjar diner is a legendary outlet tucked away in a small corner of versova which is known for serving great comfort food. It’s a place where you can sit, chat, eat and drink for hours with your friends for hours whilst listening to songs from the jukebox situated in the restaurant. It’s also a very celeb frequented space so don’t be surprised if your dining and have a celeb seated on the other table.


Ambience at Jamjar is something which emphasizes on their ethos of being a place to chill, relax and dine. it has a neat jukebox at the middle of the restaurant where you can choose and play your favourite song, a staircase with Tilted bookcases, colourful crockery and falling cupboards that lead you to the upper floor. The upper floor has an indoor area and an open terrace facing the sea. JamJar with its cute décor and lively atmosphere is definitely a place you would love to hang out with a bunch of friends


Jam jar has a very extensive menu for dining at all times. From a fully loaded breakfast menu, starters, mains. Pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas and desserts you name it and they have it.

They also do some awesome seasonal menus with custom new dishes like the summer menu which is ongoing until the launch of the monsoon menu.

Some Specials From The Summer Menu

The menu consisted of some amazing dishes like the Avocado Toast was refreshingly light and high on flavour with crunch from the veggies mixed in the avocado mash topped on a toast which is freshly toasted to the right temperature

Avocado On Toast

Mac n Cheese Jacket Potatoes a dish that is an absolutely must have and should be part of their regular menu a yummy mix of mac and cheese mixed with shrooms and truffle topped with sour cream placed on crispy jacket potatoes it had all the ingredients in it to be one of the most delectable dishes offered here

Mac & Cheese Jacket Potatoes

, freshly made hotdogs with different sauces

Yummy Chicken Hot Dog

, fresh ice cream soda shakes and freshly prepped homemade ice creams for dessert

Fresh Ice Creams on a yummy and crispy wafer

No visit to jamjar can be complete if you don’t have the chimichurri grilled chicken with mash and herbed vegetables. One of the must have chicken dishes from their mains in the regular menu. Its known for the flavourful marinade that encompasses on the meat and the result is a stellar dish from the regular menu,

Chimichurri grilled Chicken


All in All Jamjar continues to serve you consistently good food with the same level of service like it used to have back in time With a décor that makes you feel right at home. It is a must visit place in versova like it always has been and is a hidden gem in the bylanes of versova. A place where you would always catch a celeb or two. The best part is the value for money food served here where a meal for two would cost you Rs 1500 for great quality continental food

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