AKA Bistro Fashion Meets Food

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AKA Bistro is a venture by a reputed textile export house that has been in the fashion business since 1980. The team behind the place used to travel a lot to Europe and America due to their work commitments where they were introduced to great European dining experiences which led to them an idea to open a place a first in the city where food and fashion is placed together and AKA bistro was born.

Fashion & Food

AKA is a synonym for “Also Known As” to represent their thought process and ethos behind a place which not only is a place for dining but also for shopping. The décor of the place exudes a very modern and sophisticated setting where they have capitalized on their strength in fashion which can be seen with the many prints and other hints of fashion that adorn the walls, chairs & menus in the restaurant. The place has a retail garment store inside the restaurant under the brand name “Love from India” which specializes in printed tunics, tops, scarves, bags etc.

AKA doesn’t only look good but serves some great food as well. They specialize in modern European and American dining elements and that’s what constitutes their menu primarily. They have recently started two new sections in their menu. The Limited Time Crepe Menu and the One Pot Meal.

Limited Edition Crepe Menu

The Limited Edition Crepe menu is for the people who like eating Healthy where they created sweet and savory crepes in a wide variety of styles. The Savoury Crepes are made of buckwheat and are gluten free

We tried out the francais from the savory section which is a light crepe mixed with Grilled Chicken, Soft Snow peas, Sundried tomatoes and lettuce which was definitely one of the best crepes to try here due to the inter tingling flavour from the freshly chopped veggies with the meat.


The Mustard Chicken was a neat mix of Chicken tossed in mustard sauce mixed with Philly cheese, olives and mushroom in a light crepe. While not a lot of points go for presentation but it definitely was high on taste quotient though it was a tad bit on the drier side.


The ratatouille is the crepe which is the go to crepe for vegetarians with vegetables mixed in Feta and a tomato based sauce. In the sweet crepes we loved the Nutella and banana Crepe where the crepe was slathered with copious amounts of Nutella and sliced bananas and topped with some sugar. Decadent and delicious all in one


One Pot Meals

Whilst the crepe menu is for the light eaters they have started a new section in the menu called the one pot meal which is a meal for people who are on the go and have time only for a quick lunch. The One meal constitutes of specially designed dishes from every part of the world to give you a complete meal experience in one order. One dish and you would be completely full due to the huge portions of food with very high value for money with no compromise on quality. We tried the Chicken Cacciatore which consisted of Chicken leg cooked twice to a perfect texture and prepared in a tangy tomato based sauce with copious amount of fresh exotic veggies served with cilantro rice. The meat cooked to perfection and it infused so well with the tangy sauce and veggies that you would love it in each bite.


For the people who liked creamy and cheesy curries can try the Chicken Stroganoff which consists of Chicken cooked to tender perfection mixed with exotic veggies, mushrooms, Wine, cream and served with spiced tomato rice to balance the creamy sauce.


Whilst we only had the appetite to try two of these amazing pots there are a number of dishes we will be visiting again to try out.

Final Verdict

AKA Bistro has created a masterpiece in their menu in the form of one pot meals. A completely filling dish with high on flavour, great portion size all for Rs 425 is too good to be true. You absolutely need to try these one pot meals for yourself. The crepes on the other hand are great in their respective places. But the One pots are the show stealers. A meal for 2 in the One pot meal would cost you Just Rs 1k inclusive of all taxes and is very value for money.

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