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Kode is the first freestyle bar and kitchen brought to us by Massive restaurants. Kode strives to bring you the best of alcohol and food all under one roof. The team at massive wanted to open a place which houses a melange of cuisines without any barriers of flavour or cuisine whilst keeping it unique and fun which is why they call it a freestyle restaurant and bar. Holding true to their freestyle name they are one of the first people to start a unique concept of three course cocktails where your cocktail is served to you in three courses where the first acts like a small bite, the second course is the drink while the third course is something sweet. It is also home to over 150 types of different whiskies where there is a whisky for every type of palette. If you’re someone who loves his whisky then Kode is definitely a place to try out a large number of uniquely flavoured whiskies. Each drink in their menu can be paired with a dish to give a unique drink and dine experience


Freestyle Ambience

Kalra and his team has left no stone unturned with the ambience for Kode. The place is huge and is divided into different sections like the dining area, the lounge & bar. The team bought in an international architect by the name of Masafumi sanada who has done the interiors for them. There is about 40 tonnes of real stones excavated from the mines of Udaipur in rajasthan that have been used in various sections of the restaurant. The lounge section has comfortable sofa seating with a very modern background while the dining section has ample number of tables and chairs with an open kitchen in the backdrop. The ambience holds a combination of modern and rustic to hold true to the freestyle tag for ambience as well.


Freestyle Food & Drinks

Kode Houses an elaborate drinks and dine menu. The Bar menu houses around 150 types of whiskies made for each palette over and above their house special cocktails. There is a dish that can be paired with every drink to accompany it and give it a unique tasting experience. They are the first ones to create freestyle 3 course cocktails where each cocktail is served to you in three courses where the first acts like a small bite, the second course is the drink while the third course is something sweet. Their Food menu has dishes from every region and cuisine intertwined together in signature massive style.  We tried a number of dishes from the menu and loved them all but these are some of the top things we loved and recommend you to must try


Forgotten Petal Sour

The Forgotten petal sour is one of the signature cocktails that are served to you as a three course cocktail. It consisted of a Campari soap topped with champagne foam as your first course, a gin based drink as your second course with some charcoal candy floss as the third. This drink is one of the most ordered drink here especially for molecular gastronomy fanboys


Herb crusted Scotch eggs with baby greens

The Kode Version of Scotch eggs and definitely one of the best that you can have in this part of the city. Perfectly done eggs with a central yolk having just the right texture wrapped with a thin chicken crust served on top of a creamy béarnaise sauce that is made of butter emulsified in egg Yolk and white wine.


Kale and pine nut salad with fresh pomegranate

Second dish on the list was the Kale and Pine Nut salad served with a Pine nut Cracker. It was a very refreshingly good dish from the salads section of the menu. A very simple dish that consisted of Kale mixed with some pine nuts (for crunch), pomegranate (Sweetness) and Parmesan (Cheesy) shredded on top of it. A very light, fresh and juicy salad to start your meal


Charcoal Grilled Prawns, Garlic Beurre Blanc

One of the best dishes that you can have here are the Charcoal grilled prawns with garlic Beurre Blanc. Consisting of some super fresh tiger prawns that are grilled to absolute perfection with their special house marinade topped with some yummy garlic beurre blanc (hot emulsified butter sauce made with a reduction of white wine). A dish that you cannot afford to miss. The prawns were so juicy and correctly textured, adding the garlic beurre blanc just raised the flavour to another level


18 hours cooked lamb shank with blue cheese truffle, creamy polenta

There is nothing better than having a well cooked lamb and the guys at kode make a mean Lamb Shank. I had originally had this at Papaya but this dish has been Kodified to perfection. Consisting of Lamb Shanks served with Blue cheese truffles and a creamy polenta this dish had gourmet written all over it. The meat was so soft that it just melts in your mouth.


Miso marinated black cod parmesan risotto

The unique flavour of this risotto combined with the miso black cod is why I added this dish to the list. Chef Arvind stated that the risotto is made using parmesan oil which is specially and stored at a specific temperature which adds to the flavour when combined with some miso paste, saffron etc. The black cod placed on top of the risotto was marinated with Miso and had backnotes of sweet and spice that went so well with the creamy risotto


Deconstructed Black forest

A masterchef style gourmet dessert had to be part of this list due to the sheer number of elements present in the dish. Full marks to the presentation of the dish. Consisted of Chocolate bricks with a mousse of maraschino cheeries in the centre, dark chocolate sponge topped with some maraschino cherry jam and some frozen cherry mousse. A spoonful of this dessert redefined decadence


We also had a number of other dishes which were great too that we didn’t feature here but are definitely great dishes that need to be tried. These are


Pearl of carribean rum based cocktail with pineapple and basil flavour with a red wine sorbet

Togarashi and garlic olives with chives creme Fraiche

Butter glazed edamame with sea salt

Avacado carpaccio, bell pepper drops, yuzu soy sauce (Really Good Veg Dish)


Avocado, corn and pepper tacos beans salsa


Lamb and cilantro tacos with potato crisp sour cream


Garlic and pepper lamb chops with potato wasabi cream


Charred chicken and jalapeno Quesadillas with coriander aioli

Potato gnocchi with roasted pumpkin sauce


Shrimps and snow peas ramen, dashi broth a broth of seafood



Final Verdict

Kode has all the elements required to be one of the best and elegant places in town to catch a drink and some good foos. While the pricing is a bit on the higher side as compared to farzi café standards it is definitely a place you want to visit if not on a budget and want to have some good food accompanied by drinks. They have also started serving lunch now as compared to only dinner previously which is another positive. A meal for two would cost you Rs2k if not overspent on the drinks

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